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Our aim is to study Parental Alienation Syndrome (SAP) as a phenomenon linked to intrafamily
violence. SA consist of “conditioning a child so that he or she hates/rejects one of the parents.” It is manifested in particular during divorce/separation proceedings. Because it causes psychological problems in the child, Sap presupposes a real situation of ill treatment.
Expected results: Identify, analyse and compare the circumstances and causes that cause it. Draw up and develop a full prevention, protection and treatment programme. These results will be attained through a survey that evaluates the causes, circumstances and emergency mechanisms linked to SAP and an analysis and comparison of the intervention models used in EU countries, which will require developing the integral programme. Specific beneficiaries: minors who are victims of SAP. Target groups: workers at the juvenile court, in systems fro the protection of minors, and in family mediation services.

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