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As part of the broader objective of supporting China’s continued integration in the world trading system, IPR II aims to improve the effectiveness of IPR enforcement in China through the provision of Technical Assistance to Chinese legislative, judicial, administrative and enforcement agencies and institutions.
The envisaged results of the project are:
- The Chinese legal framework of IPR laws and regulations is more predictable, transparent, coherent and in line with the WTO agreements.
- The technical capacity of all institutions involved in IPR to handle IPR cases is enhanced through systematic and extensive training.
- Civil enforcement improved considerably in terms of speed, efficiency, costs and fair trial through increased awareness and improved knowledge of stakeholders involved in IPR.
- Criminal enforcement is improved in terms of application, efficiency, costs and fair trial through increased awareness and improved knowledge of stakeholders involved as well as through improved inter-agency communication and transfer of cases.
- Administrative enforcement is improved, specifically with regard to the protection of patent rights.
- A database is created, with nationally and internationally available IPR related information and links to facilitate the work of law and policy makers, IPR agencies and institutions, including enforcement agencies, customs and police.
- IPR is better understood and used by both Chinese and European right holders as a strategic tool for business development.

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