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Discover Islamic Art further develops the Museum With No Frontiers (MWNF) principle of organising exhibitions without moving the works of art and builds on the results of the project Islamic Art in the Mediterranean realised by the MWNF network within the first phase of the Euromed Heritage programme. Adopting a new exhibition format, whereby works of art remain in situ within their natural environment, has enabled this project to present the Mediterranean as a unique open air museum on Islamic art and to display – within nine thematic exhibitions – more than 1,000 monuments and archaeological sites from the Umayyad period up to the beginning of the Ottoman Empire in Egypt, Italy, Jordan, Morocco, Palestine, Portugal, Spain, Tunisia and Turkey.

By extending the exhibition area to include Algeria and Syria, two further sections of this museum will be realised by the project Discover Islamic Art.

An illustrated book and CD-ROM presenting highlights of the virtual museum will be produced on the occasion of its launch accompanied by PR events in all participating countries.

Targeting the visitors of the participating museums as well as students in European and Mediterranean countries, the virtual museum as well as the illustrated book will be published in several languages including a full version in Arabic.
The virtual museum Discover Islamic Art will be accessible from the MWNF homepage:

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