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vendredi 3 août 2007

Transfert de savoir-faire pour les partenaires des formations MEDA

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News Les meilleurs praticiens se préparent à transmettre leur savoir-faire aux partenaires des formations MEDA

ARTICLE DISPONIBLE UNIQUEMENT EN ANGLAIS Some 10 leading training institutions from the Mediterranean region which have been selected to participate in a high-profile trans-national entrepreneurship initiative are now pairing up with flag-ship training organisations from the European Union in what is set to be a critical phase of the EU’s MEDA ETE Programme. Finalisation of know-how transfer plans are now underway, with MEDA partners homing in on the better practice of a select group of ‘best practitioner’ training organisations. Earlier this year these organisations had come top in a rigorous selection process undertaken by the ETF and an international technical advisory committee which support the MEDA ETE programme. Ulla Gredemyr, development manager and training specialist of ‘Open for Business’ (OFB), a Swedish front-runner in development of entrepreneurial awareness and skills amongst young people, stresses ‘local’ when it comes to entrepreneurial culture. ‘Our emphasis is on ensuring enterprise education connects into local communities which is where we have built our successful practice,’ she says. ‘And our second argument is that entrepreneurship is much more than business – it’s a way of handling a challenging future’, she continues. Tony Gribben, ETF’s entrepreneurial learning specialist, picks up on the theme of challenge. ‘The notion of the education system cultivating the entrepreneurial individual, promoting creativity and encouraging young people to seek out opportunities is increasingly recognised as key to success in fast-changing economies where career development is marked more by change and challenge’ says Gribben. ‘While this can be a daunting prospect for many people already conditioned by a ‘job for life’ culture, it stands to be a ‘way of life’ for the younger generation’, he continues, ‘and it is this factor which our Meda partners are now grasping’. MEDA training organisations JOHOUD (Jordan), MATI (Israel) and KOSGEB (Turkey) will each team up with OFB in September for a three-part series in transfer of training know-how, where staff will learn at first hand of OFB’s unique approach to working with young people and businesses in their local communities, including training design for onward delivery to young people in the three countries. Ulla Gredemyr practices what she preaches. ‘It’s about maximising opportunity. And learning is the keystone to opportunity,’ she says. ‘We’re really excited about working with such interesting partners in Jordan, Israel and Turkey’, says Ms Gredemyr. ‘We were dumb-struck by the level of commitment and professionalism of the representatives of the three organisations when we met. Ensuring we can meet their training requirements is now our challenge’, she adds. Key representatives of JOHOUD, MATI and KOSGEB linked up with OFB at the MEDA ETE Annual Forum in Rome in April, where a ‘best practice market place’ allowed MEDA partners to seek out those EU training providers with more innovative practice, products and services. Commenting on the MEDA training organisations, Ulla Gredemyr captures the entrepreneurial value of teaming up with JOHOUD, MATI and KOSGEB, ‘Getting such dedicated people together is the birthplace of opportunity’, she says. ’We’re looking forward to working with our new partners .’

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