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mardi 7 novembre 2006

Les meilleurs projets du programme LIFE-Environnement

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News Les Etats membres de l'UE représentés au sein du comité du programme LIFE et la cellule LIFE ont identifié ensemble les 21 meilleurs projets du programme LIFE-Environement accomplis en 2005 ou début de l'année 2006.

ARTCLE DISPONIBLE UNIQUEMENT EN ANGLAIS This, the second Best LIFE-Environment projects’ exercise, follows on from a lengthy identification and evaluation process based on a set of best practice criteria, developed by EU Member States in collaboration with the European Commission. The projects, from across the EU-25, cover all of LIFE-Environment’s main themes: land-use development and planning; water management; minimising the impact of economic activities; waste management, and Integrated Product Policy. An online brochure has been published on the best 21 LIFE-Environment projects. You can either view the entire brochure, or see below for projects’ web summaries, websites and layman’s reports: How were the projects selected? Scoring of completed LIFE-Environment projects began in the summer of 2004. The system was introduced by the Commission, following an initiative taken by Sweden and the Netherlands. A set of ‘best practice’ criteria was developed in collaboration with the Member States. These criteria included: projects’ contribution to immediate and long-term environmental, economic and social improvements; their degree of innovation and transferability; their relevance to policy and their cost-effectiveness. In view of the importance of these aspects to project success, project beneficiaries are also required to provide an After-LIFE Communication Plan and an Analysis of the long-term benefits of the project with their final report. This information forms an integral part of the evaluation process. All completed projects were initially technically assessed by the LIFE Unit’s external monitoring team (the Astrale consortium). The monitors ranked all the projects that ended during the reference period (autumn 2005 to spring 2006), to produce a first list. The final selection was undertaken by the Member States. The results of the previous exercise can be seen in the “Best LIFE Environment Projects 2004-2005” Focus publication (see menu on left).

Source :  DG Environnement

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