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vendredi 22 décembre 2006

UE lance des projets d'infrastructure au Kosovo

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News L'Union européenne a signé un contrat de 1.4 millions d'EUR avec une compagnie locale pour la construction de cinq projets municipaux d'infrastructure au Kosovo pendant les 12 prochains mois.

ARTICLE DISPONIBLE UNIQUEMENT EN ANGLAIS The construction works will improve living conditions and boost prospects for economic growth in several municipalities. Under the contract, work will start in the Municipality of Mitrovica on the construction of a 23-kilometre pipeline to the village of Kqiq, 2 km south-east of Mitrovica. The new water supply system will improve the lives of 7,000 villagers, who for more than a decade have had to manage without running water. Three other projects under this contract will include works in Shterpce/Strpce Municipality on the construction of a water supply system for the village of Firaja. Meanwhile, 200 Serbian children in Sevce village, Sterpce Municipality will soon get a new school to be constructed under this contract; and 72 Albanian children in Brod village will have their school refurbished and extended. In Kaçanik Municipality, the European Union will fund the construction of a sewerage system for the districts of Dushkaja and Skenderbeu. The works include the design and construction of a new sewerage primary collection system for the two districts, with a 4.3-kilometre pipeline. The second component of this project to be implemented in Kacanik Municipality is street paving, water drainage and street lighting in Skenderbeu street in Dushkaja and Kacanik Town. Last week, the EU completed two other projects under the programme to assist Kosovo’s municipalities: an anxiously awaited road in the village of Dardhishte, in Obilic Municipality, and the refurbishment of the offices of the regional waste company in Mitrovica, which should improve working conditions and thus help the office provide better services to citizens.

Source :  Agence européenne pour la reconstruction

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