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mardi 23 mai 2006

L'énergie verte est encouragée en Arménie

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News La BERD accorde un prêt de 7 millions de $ pour des projets renouvelables.

ARTICLE DISPONIBLE UNIQUEMENT EN ANGLAIS The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (the Bank) will lend up to $7 million to Cascade Credit, a universal credit organisation registered in Armenia, for investments in small mini-hydro power generation projects and other competitive renewable energy projects. The EBRD funds will be combined with $5 million from the World Bank and a $3 million equity investment from Cascade Credit's owner, the Cafesjian Family Foundation. The Foundation was founded by Gerard Cafesjian, an American entrepreneur of Armenian descent, to promote the well-being of Armenians and to foster economic development in Armenia. The $15 million total will be used to capitalise a programme to provide long-term debt financing to developers of renewable energy projects-- primarily mini-hydro generation, but potentially wind and biomass as well. The project will also benefit from $3 million in grant funding from the Global Environment Facility for technical assistance. The project reflects two of the Bank's main priorities: commitment to renewable energy resources and investment in 'Early Transition Countries (ETC) the Bank's least economically developed countries of operation. The Bank will continue to support creditworthy renewable energy and energy efficiency projects in Armenia and other ETC countries, EBRD President Jean Lemierre said at the signing. The Early Transition Countries initiative was launched in 2004 to stimulate market activity in the Bank's poorest countries of operations by using a streamlined approach to financing more and smaller projects. Additional renewable energy supply should reduce Armenian dependence on imported fuel used for power generation, thereby increasing the country's energy security. The project will also offer Armenian developers the opportunity to benefit from the international emissions trading market. "We are delighted to cooperate with the EBRD on bringing more alternative energy supplies to Armenia" said Garegin Gevorgyan, Executive Director of Cascade Credit. The EBRD aims to promote environmentally sound and sustainable development in the full range of its activities. One of the Bank's objectives is to improve environmental performance of the power sector, including supporting actions to address the climate change issue. The Bank's active pursuit of renewable energy projects such as Armenia's is part of this broader objective.

Source :  BERD

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